C100 - Driving collar $20.00
Double ringed collar used for dog driving. Quality webbing and all
metal hardware. Dog's name embroidered on inside. Specify color.
H300-Mini Auxillary Harness $50.00
The Mini sulkies allow additional dogs to be connected via traces to the
outside of the main hitch. Dogs connected this way do not need a Mini
harness, only a harness with a D-ring on the top.The auxillary harness is for
when you want a harness that matches your Mini harnesses, but will only be
used for the outside dogs. Specify webbinb and pad colors and measurements
R100R- 8' / 9' Rope reins $30.00
Rope reins are for the advanced driver who doesn't need as much control a
wants less bulk in their hands. Rope reins are made of 3/8" or 5mm climbers
rope and are plyable, strong and smooth on the hands. Specify length and
inquire as to colors and designs available.
R100W- 8'/9' Adjustable webbing reins $30.00
Adjustable reins are perfect for the newbie. They are long enough to
train behind the sulky, and then shorten them up when you get in the
drivers seat. Then you don't have the extra length dragging on the
ground. Specify length and color.
H060 - Replacement Mini harness shim $20.00
The "shim" is a plastic component that the Mini harness HASP connects to inside
the top pad.
SS100 - Replacement Mini sulky Safety strap $5.00
The Mini's tip, and the ends of the 2-DogHitch have safety straps on
them.This is a replacment as you will get an original set with your sulky.
Click SafetyStrap for more information on proper safety strap use.
VB100 - Replacement Mini sulky V-Brace strap $25.00
The V-Brace strap is necessary when using the 2-Dog Hitch. this is
a replacement item and the original will be supplied by the sulky
MFG. Click V-Brace for more information on the V-Brace strap.
T099WS - Tracelettes,short, webbing $13.00
T099WL - Tracelettes,long, webbing $13.00
T100R - Tracelettes-set,1-long/1-short, webbing $26.00
Short tracelettes are used to attach dogs at the chest ring when
running multiple dogs. The long tracelette is used to attach a dog to
the outside of the Mini's swan-neck so the dog can pull directly on
the sulky. Buy one set for each extra dog. Click Harness101 for
more info on how to hitch multiple dogs.
T200 - Traces for dual shaft sulky 3'-6',set,webbing $26.00
Webbing traces in either 5/8", or 1" heavy duty webbing. Adjustable to your specifications. Quality
hardware. Specify color. 2/traces to a set.
RS100W/R - Webbing or rope rein splitters (Y reins) $20.00
Rein splitters allow you attach two dogs to a single set of reins. They are
also known as "Y" reins. The photo to the right shows each side of the Y
reins in a different color, but of course, they are both the same color when
purchased. Specify webbing or rope and color.
TB100 - On Board/belt treat/bait bag - $35.00
This fully lined treat/bait bag secures to the seat rail of a Mini sulky and can also be worn on a
belt as a training bait bag. A variety of fabrics and colors are available.
C110 - Collar Scrunchee,$10.00
A collar scrunchee can absorb a bit of space on an otherwise too large driving
collar or serve as a pad and protect your dog's neck as the collar swivels when
you are driving. Scrunchees are made of soft fleece and can made in just
about any color to match your other gear.
T210 - Replacement Trace connectors for dual shaft sulky
,set,webbing $20.00
These connect the traces to the harness on dual shaft cart harnesses.
An original set comes with the harness - these are replacements.
Some items are needed to run multiple dogs and some are replacement parts. Please email me with
questions as I know it can be confusing when just getting started and there's no need to buy
something you can't use.